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TrekNow GPS Routes

"Improvement makes straight, straight roads,
but the crooked roads without improvement are roads of genius."
- William Blake


Accurate, proven gps routes for adventure travel on great backroads, trails and byways in the USA. Each gps route includes full track logs, bi-directional where appropriate. These gps routes have been used by satisfied adventure travellers since 2001.

Byways are the best paved roads recommended by motorcycle riders. Backroads are non-paved dirt/gravel roads or trails best described as offroad. All routes are organized by state with a few multi-state routes.

If your GPS does not support saved track logs or multiple track logs on the instrument then our GPS data will not work on your GPS. For instance, the NUVI and Street Pilot Garmin GPS units do not support saved track logs and will not work with our data.

We've done the detail work so you can save time for planning and adventure travel. Every gps route is based on a route documented in a published trail guide or is a route that we have personnally traversed ourselves. The byways have been recommended by motorcycle riders accross the USA.

Once you start following one of our track logs in the field you can have confidence that the track log will take you to it's documented destination. This gives the traveller a great deal of freedom to explore side roads and trails along the base route with confidence that a proven route out is available. Our gps route track log when used with the gps instrument's track-back feature virtually eliminates navigation uncertainty.

We supply these routes in Garmin (.gdb), GPS eXchange (.gpx), Magellan Meridian SD, Magellan eXplorist SD, Magellan Mapsend, Magellan Mapsend Version 3, Magellan Mapsend Version 4 and Lowrance USR formats.

These backroad gps routes are the ideal navigation tool for the person who travels by offroad motorcycle, dual sport motorcycle, 4x4, Jeep, Hummer, Land Rover or peddles a bicycle or mountainbike. These gps routes include all the major high mountain passes, 4x4 trails and forest service roads. These gps routes will guide you to famous mining sites, ghost towns and historical trails. These gps routes answer the question of where to ride your dualsport or offroad motorcycle or mountainbike. These GPS Routes answer the question of where to drive your 4wd or sport utility vehicle. These GPS Routes also document the existence of the trails, an important step in fighting land closure issues.


Routes In:


New Mexico
North Carolina

West Virginia



Chicken Corners, Utah


Garmin GPSMAP 176, GPSMAP 176C, GPSMAP 276C

Magellan Meridian

Garmin eTrex



TrekNow saves you time!




It takes time to create gps routes, especially if you want to have a full track log for each route. The cost of a TrekNow route is less than one dollar per route. Save your time and take advantage of the navigational certainty that these gps routes provide.

Trek Now!

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